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Scientist class by Ikechi1 Scientist class by Ikechi1
The Scientist is a skilled markswoman and very lethal with her scoped sniper rifle. In addition to being able to neutralize targets at range, she can also equip tranquilizer darts to slow down a dinosaur and give her teammates a fighting chance. She’s comfortable with distance between herself and her target, but because of her limited close quarters capabilities the Scientist begins to worry and have trouble when the targets get in close. In this situation it is in her best interest to stay near a capable teammate, or run to safety.

The Scientist is especially useful when it comes to knocking Pteranodons out of the sky, generally at distances where most other weapons are ineffective. Her greatest challenge is often against the horde of Compsognathus, which can overwhelm her steady aim.

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novastartherapter Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
insidia*a dilophosaurus that HATES tranq darts*: my least favorite character ever
zippymax Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Interesting, She could be a good character.
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